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Located in Fairfield IA

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In Fairfield the first week of each month

Chinese Medicine Clinic specializing in Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Cupping, and Tuina with Sean Dugan, Licensed Acupuncturist MAOM.

Are your ready to feel like your best self again?

At Chinese Medicine of Iowa we believe that you can, and we are here to help! Chinese Medicine is a truly holistic healthcare system in which treatment is specifically tailored to each individual according to the pattern of their signs and symptoms. Like so many patients have found, Chinese Medicine is effective and unique because it is human-centric rather than disease-centric.

No one in the world is exactly like you. At Chinese Medicine of Iowa we consider all the factors of your life and health to determine the best treatment to serve you. Whether you are suffering from chronic illness or pain, or looking to turn good health into great health, we can help.

We provide comprehensive treatment plans to address your concerns, integrating expert Chinese Herbal Medicine care, Acupuncture, and Chinese bodywork techniques.

Chinese Medicine of Iowa operates a full-scale Chinese Herbal Pharmacy in order to provide the highest quality medicine to our clients. We run the largest raw herb pharmacy in the state with over 450 herbs in raw herb, granule, and capsule form. We source only organic, wildcrafted, and lab-tested herbs to ensure safe and quality herbal medicine for our patients.

At Chinese medicine of Iowa our goal is to meet you wherever you are on your health journey and help you on the path to greater health and wellbeing. You deserve to feel like your best self, and get back to enjoying the things you love to do!


Sean Dugan LAc, MAOM